How to Kill a Church: A New Podcast

Bert Alcorn
1 min readMay 12, 2021


What if, church didn’t have to be this way?

Coming out of a global pandemic and starting down the face of a relaunching a church, this is the question Steve Ross and I asks ourselves.

And, we decided to hash it out with the mics on:

How to Kill a Church is a podcast of indefinite length following two church planters’ journey through discovery, heartbreak, and innovation for the future of the church.

Steve Ross is a pastor with Arise, and Bert Alcorn is a pastor with Anthem.

We’re doing this podcast not because we have all the answers — in fact, as you’ll hear, we have very few of them — but because we are compelled by the potential for this moment and what it could mean for those following the way of Jesus.

Follow us on this journey of discovery, lessons learned, mistakes made, and maybe, just maybe, an ancient and innovative way forward for the church of the future.


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Bert Alcorn

Husband to Sherry, Dad to Calvin, Truman, and Emerson, and Pastor to Anthem.